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image/gifThe denester: an automatic tray denester has been specifically modified for your plastic trays and/or boxes and can also be used for other sizes within the parameters of the machine.

Suitable for:

     •   Longitudinal infeed systems.
  •   Flowpacker infeed tables.
  •   Tray loaders.
  •   Accumulating conveyor belts.
  •   Etc.

The Denester RT7 can be equipped with a central adjuster on the blister cartridge, which will ensure a quick changeover of the type of blister packaging. The cartridge width, length and position in relation to the suction cup can easily be adjusted by means of the central adjuster. The cartridges are continuously variable via a combination of screw spindles and gear racks. The specific adjustments can be read off directly on the rulers mounted next to the guide rails.
Denester - DN 7 - Specific features:

     •   High speeds, to approx. 270 per minute.
  •   Can be placed directly on the flowpacker.
  •  Buffer system with conveyor belt, lengths of 2.5 metres (approx. 30 minutes).
  •  Suitable for several types of trays because of adjustable cartridges.
  •  You may choose the number of cartridges.
  •  Reliable.
  •  No expensive trays needed.
  •  Dutch manufacturer.

Denester - DN 2 - specific features: 

     •   Can be placed directly on flowpackers.
  •   Reliable.
  •   No expensive trays needed.
  •   Delivered with several interchangeable cartridges.
  •   Various versions.