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Flowpacker VSE-2000

The flowpacker VSE-2000 is a multifunctional machine. Because of its modular construction, it is easily modified specifically for your products without creating any limitations for future use of the machine. more information »image/gif
image/gifLongitudinal infeed system

The universal automatic longitudinal infeed systems are suitable for infeeding blisters and the high-speed infeed for single piece products. more information »image/gif
image/gifTray loader

Tehama has a large range of loading systems for automatically loading various types of trays.
more information »image/gif 

The denester: an automatic tray denester has been specifically modified for your plastic trays and/or boxes and can also be used for other sizes within the minimum and maximum dimensions of the machine.  more information »image/gif
image/gifCarton filling machine 

The HKE-80 has been modified for positioning pre-glued wrappers/boxes. The cardboard broadsheets are taken from the stack by means of a rotating movement and placed between the catches on the chain belt. The product is inserted in the open wrappers by a pusher. more information »image/gif
image/gifU-tray and flowtray moulding and cutting machines

Moulding and cutting machines make it possible to produce U-trays and flow trays from the roll. The trays made from corrugated paper enable you to support and protect your products against damage and/or breakage in an environmentally-friendly fashion. more information »image/gif
Rental/Sale of USED MACHINES 

V.S.A. Techniek, as a subsidiary company of TEHAMA B.V., can supply flowpackers and carton filling machines acquired as part-exchange. They can also overhaul and update your existing machines. more information »