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Specialising in
Longitudinal infeed systems
Transwrap/FFS machines
Multihead weighers
Denesters / Ontnester
Cartoning machines
Servo-driven loading lines
Robot loading lines
Flight bar conveyors
U-trays / Flow trays
Panel building and control technology
Examples from the food industry:
Bread/pastries, chocolate, snacks, AGF, pet food, etc. Frozen products: Pizzas, spring rolls, fish blocks, various snacks.
Non Food
Examples from the non-food industry:
Dishwasher tablets, BBQ lighter cubes, moist wipes, plastic cutlery, colour instant films, gift cards, etc.


TEHAMA has been developing tailor-made customer-specific solutions since 1989.
TEHAMA is also known as the flow pack specialist in both the food and non-food industries.
Our flagship product, the VSE-2000 flowpacker can be used for a variety of purposes, including for packing syrup waffles into tubular pouches or, for example, for dishwasher tablets that can be flowpacked at high speed.


Below is a small impression of our range which we have been developing over the past 30 years.


On this website you will find information about TEHAMA, its product range and the systems it has developed over the years.
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