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Increase in yield without large investment

We can supply you with the flowpackers and carton filling machines we have acquired through part-exchange at very attractive and competitive prices, thus no large investment is required.

These machines are: 

     •   Inspected for proper and guaranteed functioning before delivery.
  •   Modified (if required) to the present day demands and/or requirements.
  •   Specifically equipped and tested with your products.
  •   Delivered with a comprehensive 3 month warranty (which excludes standard worn parts).

Temporary increase in capacity 

If we have the abovementioned machines in stock, we can rent them to you under the same conditions and at very attractive prices. The rental contract offers you the option of purchasing the machine at the end of the period previously agreed upon.

Modernising your flowpacker 

V.S.A. Techniek has gained much experience and know-how in upgrading flowpackers from various well-known manufacturers. A few examples are:

     •   Film control with full electronically regulated pre- and post-correction.
  •   Capacity regulating in combination with various automatic infeed systems.
  •   Cutomatic roll changer (splicer) for changing film rolls during production.
  •   PLC controlled temperature regulation and surveillance.

Increased capacity by adding multiple cutting units.

In stock now:

     •   Various flowpackers, type Pack V / VI.
  •   Wraparound carton filling machine.
  •   Automatic infeed systems suitable for single pieces, trays and/or bundling single piece packages.