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Carton filling machine

image/gifThe HKE-80 has been modified for positioning pre-glued wrappers/boxes. The cardboard broadsheets are taken from the stack by means of a rotating movement and placed between the catches on the chain belt.
The product is inserted into the open wrappers by a pusher. When the product has been inserted, the box flaps are folded and sealed with hot melt adhesive.

Pre-positioning device: Because cardboard is often ordered in large quantities, there is a risk that it will become damp and therefore more difficult to fold out with the standard positioning systems. The pre-positioning device has a double head with two suction cups, which guarantee stable and secure infeed. For positioning the box, there are also two contra cups, which pull open the wrapper against the movement of the rotating head, as a result of which it can then be placed ready opened between the catches. With this application poorer quality boxes and/or square boxes can also be processed at high speed with no problem.

Carton filling machine HKE-80 - specific features:

     •   Servodrive version.
  •   Unique box positioning / conveyor system.
  •   Right-angled boxes are guaranteed.
  •   Standard 32 product programs.
  •   Quick and easy to adjust.
  •   Extra powerful drive.
  •   Design based on HACCP standards.
  •   Heavy, solid and robust frame.
  •   Very attractive price / quality ratio.

Carton filling machine HKE-80 -Technical specifications:

     •   Capacity: approx. 80 pieces per minute, depending on box format (more capacity on request)
  •   Broadsheet dimensions: L x W, 460 x 560 mm
  •   Box dimensions: maximum: 300 x 195 x 80 mm H x L x W. Minimum: 100 x 60 x 20 mm (other sizes available on request)
  •   Closing system: Equilateral tuck-in flap
  •   Machine dimensions: L x W x H, 3550 x 1050 x 1500 mm adjustable infeed height, approx. 900 mm
  •   Cardboard: Duplex 200 - 400 gram/m2 Corrugated cardboard max. 3 mm
  •   Closing system: Hot melt adhesive (Nordson)
  •   Electrical: 3 x 400V, 3pH - 50Hz + 0 + earth
  •   Compressed air: 6 bar, consumption approx. 80 Nl/minute