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U-tray and flowtray

image/gifMoulding and cutting machines make it possible to produce U-trays and flow trays from the roll. The trays, made from corrugated paper, enable you to support and protect your products against damage and/or breakage in an environmentally-friendly fashion.

Environmentally-friendly packaging at low cost:

     •   More environmentally-friendly than plastic blister packages.
  •   High degree of protection from breakage and damage to your products.                
  •  Trays in many versions possible, including closed boxes.
  •  U-trays in double-walled versions resulting in high support strength.
  •  U-trays and flow trays from corrugated paper from the roll directly into your flowpacker.

Flowtray machine KT3 - Specific features:

     •   Direct infeed from trays in flowpacker infeed tables, flight-bar transport chains, longitudinal infeed systems. etc.
  •   Universal machines, resulting in easy application in existing systems.
  •   High capacity, up to approx. 120 pieces per minute.
  •   Dimensions can be adjusted easily.
  •   Less chance of breakdown in your packaging process due to production directly from the roll.
  •   Dutch manufacture, service and maintenance directly from manufacturer.
  •   Direct infeed in packaging lines.

Tray moulding and cutting machine KT 1 - Specific features:

     •   Direct infeed of trays in production lines such as: flowpackers, flight-bar transport chains, conveyor belts, etc.
  •   Components used are renowned brands.
  •   Reliable with minimum manpower via production from the roll.

Simple operation, no specific training required.