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Tray loader

Tehama has a large range of tray loading systems, such as rotating vacuum carrousels, vacuum "Pick and place" deposit units, drop nose, sheeters, etc., etc. The loading systems are controlled electronically by computer and have as standard 32 individual programs in which the settings can be saved in combination with the pre-positioned infeed systems, thus preventing long set-up times.

Specific features:

     •   Complete automatic loading of various types of trays, boxes or vacuum forming equipment, for example.
  •   Flexible applications / universal.
  •  Easy and simple to operate; highly trained personnel are not necessary.
  •  Loading of blisters in longitudinal or diagonal direction.
  •  Single as well as multiple products.
  •  Stacked.
  •  Also as automatic infeed for single piece packages.
  •  Large capacity.
  •  Easy to clean.
  •  An appropriate solution for every situation / product.
  •  Expansion with many options possible, such as automatic tray feeder, vision systems, etc.
  •  Can be executed with an expansion module for processing upright products on a tray.