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Multiple track longitudinal infeed systems type LT 10. EV DUO, TRIO or QUATRO

image/gifThese are multiple longitudinal infeed systems for packing 2, 3 or 4 high stacked products in flowpack packaging in the direction of the product stream. The multiple track longitudinal infeed systems have the same basic construction as the LT7.EV, however now with 2, 3 or 4 tracks next to each other, thus the products are synchronised above one another on the flowpacker supply table. 

The universal automatic longitudinal infeed LT10 E.V is suitable for packing and infeeding stacked single piece products at high speed. With this manner of automatic infeed of products there are no start/stop movements in the product flow; the products are fed in continuously, even at high speed. 

The infeed products are positioned while small deviating lengths are automatically taken into account; the individual length of each product is determined for this.

The conveyor belts can be removed on the outside quickly and without tools, facilitating fast and easy cleaning or interchange. It is easy to conform to the HACCP standards with this option of simple daily cleansing of the installation. The electronic computer-controlled longitudinal infeed is equipped with electronic speed regulation and 32 product programmes, in which the settings can be saved in combination with the pre-positioned infeed systems, if required.

Specific features: 

     •   Universal longitudinal infeed system can be connected to any flowpacker.
  •   Equipped with chain belts, creating very little thrust on the products.
  •   Universal, can be changed from single pieces to 2, 3 or 4 high in one single package.
  •   Capacity of up to 1,000 products per minute.
  •   Computer controlled, electronically regulated.
  •   32 individual product programs can be expanded to 64.
  •   Automatic adaptation of infeed speed and positioning time when switching to another product.
  •   Automatic correction for deviations in product length or changing speed.
  •   Completely automatic infeed to flowpacker.
  •   Version in accordance with HACCP standards, simple and quick to disassemble belts for cleaning.