Maintenance contract

A maintenance contract offers you the following advantages:

     •   Regular maintenance decreases the chance of breakdowns and the subsequent stagnation of your production process.
  •   A written report including any recommended replacements and repairs in the future.
  •  The right to a visit from a service engineer within 24 hours of reporting a breakdown (in the Netherlands).
  •  Maintenance can be carried out in collaboration with your employees, with the result that these employees will be trained to carry out the maintenance.
  •  All adjustments will be checked based on the products and films present at that time.

Structure of maintenance contract:
The frequency will be determined in consultation with you. Tehama differentiates the following possible types of implementation: 

     •   Minor overhaul, based on monitoring, the functioning, adjustment and advice about the maintenance necessary on the packaging line in question.
  •   Major overhaul, based on the preventive replacement of worn parts as well as monitoring, the functioning and adjustment of the packaging line in question.
  •  In the interests of good preventive maintenance, we advise that one minor and one major overhaul be included in the maintenance contract.

Remote control by modem: 
The flowpacker VSE-2000 is as standard prepared for a modem connection. In combination with a maintenance contract, TEHAMA can deliver a modem box which gives you the option of monitoring and/or adjusting your programme remotely.