Flowpacker VSE-2000

image/gifThe flowpacker VSE-2000 is a multifunctional machine. Because of its modular construction, the VSE-2000 is easily modified specifically for your products without creating any limitations for future use of the machine.

The VSE-2000 comes in many versions:

     •   Standard flowpacker: which due to its construction can easily be enlarged or connected to existing systems.
  •   Blisters and single pieces on one machine: convertible within 1 minute due to the unique sliding cutting unit with two individual cutting configurations.
  •  Gas packaging: on a standard rotating machine retaining high capacity, about 60 pieces per minute.
  •  Satchel bag flowpacker: for producing packaging closed on one side, with a flap that is shut with a clip in the second phase.
  •  Bundle flowpacker: for producing multi-packs, including assembly systems integrated into the infeed table.
  •  High speed version: suitable for processing about 1,000 single pieces per minute.
  •  Full stainless steel version: including an easy-to-detach infeed table for easy cleaning, conforming to the HACCP standards.

Specific features of VSE-2000:

     •   Can be converted for another product quickly, easily and reliably.
  •   Product set-up can be regulated by 32 (can be increased to 64) separate programmes.
  •   Simple to operate by means of touch-screen display, no special training necessary.
  •   Fast interchangeable cutting unit and/ or slide cutter with two individual cutting configurations.
  •   Robust construction and easy accessibility to the interchangeable parts.
  •   As standard, prepared for connection to modem so remote adaptation of service and programmes is possible.
  •   Tight packaging, therefore minimum consumption of film.